Law in the Time of COVID-19

Keeping Oregonians informed; working for solutions

Who we are

Jay Bodzin is an experienced attorney based in Portland, Oregon. His practice focuses on domestic relations (family law - divorces, child custody, and so on), landlord/tenant law, civil litigation, and attorney ethics and professional responsibility.  Elina Levkovskaya is a community organizer on the front of the housing crisis caused by the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. Jay is an associate at the firm of Kivel & Howard LLP, and is not seeking new clients at this time (though you are always welcome to call for a consultation). This site is opened to help advise Oregonians on legal developments resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, and to advocate for legal solutions to its problems.

Why we're here

Attorney Jay Bodzin and organizer Elina Levkovskaya offer a free, detailed online presentation on Oregon landlord/tenant law and its changes during the Coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on helping tenants know their rights and responsibilities. This presentation, 'Oregon Landlord/Tenant Law in the Time of COVID-19,' is available for your institution or community by appointment. You can also read a summary of the law on this site, here; but more detail is available in the presentation itself.

How it works

Our presentation can be offered over Zoom, or as a webinar, with questions available though a chat application. Contact us to schedule a presentation for your community.