What to do next

Although this presentation is offered to everyone and is intended as a public service, we are by no means neutral or nonpartisan. We stand with the most at-risk and marginalized members of our community, both medically and legally, and we encourage action to protect them in this time of crisis. They need your help.

What can you do?


Sign the petition

We have created a petition to the Governor and the Legislature of Oregon, advocating for rent forgiveness, mortgage abeyance, and public assistance with essential utilities. Please review and sign it on

Contact your legislators

State lawmakers need to hear from you. Each Oregon legislator may be contacted online here. If you don't know which representatives are yours, the Oregon government provides a convenient utility that lets you search by your address.

Get involved

There are plenty of other organizations working for renters in this area. Check out the Community Alliance of Tenants online.  

Get more legal help

If you have more questions than we can answer in our presentation, you have options.  You can contact the firm of Kivel & Howard LLP for a consultation. 

But even a consultation with an attorney of Jay's caliber can be expensive. If you have ongoing need of legal services, you may want to consider signing up for LegalShield. Kivel & Howard LLP provides LegalShield members with legal services in the state of Oregon. For about $25 a month, you can consult with Jay and a wide array of other attorneys at need, and receive a number of other services. This is not a substitute for formal representation if you're going through a lawsuit, but it can help you stay out of one. 

You can also contact the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service for a free referral to an attorney in your area. They can be reached online here, or call  503-684-3763, or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636. Attorneys who participate agree to charge no more than $35 for a consultation.