Law in the Time of COVID-19

Jay Bodzin is an experienced trial attorney, available now to answer your organization or community's questions about your rights as tenants during the pandemic. Aided by Elina Levkovskaya, Jay offers a comprehensive review of landlord/tenant law in Oregon before the pandemic, and updates on its changes.

Learn your rights and responsibilities


The presentation

The lecture lasts about an hour and a half, including generous time for questions. Participants submit their questions for Jay through a chat application, and Elina screens and summarizes them. 

How it works

We've been using Zoom meetings. After a particularly heinous cyber-attack during one presentation, we are insisting upon security (details to follow). 

How to schedule

Contact Elina to schedule a presentation for your organization, building, or community. We ask at least two weeks' advance notice. Because we are continuing to work throughout the pandemic, the presentations are scheduled outside of normal business hours. We can hold events on weekdays after 6:30 pm, or weekends. Times are on a first-come, first-served basis.  

The cost

The presentation is offered entirely free of charge. If you want to make a donation in thanks, we encourage you to donate to the Community Alliance of Tenants

Attendance and publicity

We will advertise all events on our own social media platforms; but none of us are internet celebrities, and advertising an event for your group is your responsibility. We hope to have interest from at least a dozen people before scheduling. 

If you're unable to attend a presentation but still want information, this page includes a brief summary.